It Makes You Wonder

Our parents taught us at a young age to not judge people without knowing all the facts. I don't think we know them all in the Oliver betting case in Australia, where the jock bet a rival horse and today was suspended 10 months. But we do know enough where it makes you wonder.

You have a decent career, which can be a very short one. You have to do a lot to stay on top of the game and continue making money.  You know you can't bet another horse in the race because  you'll likely get caught. But you do it anyway.

All for a $10,000 bet on an even money shot.

This isn't Lance Armstrong where if you succeed in breaking a rule, you can make millions upon millions of dollars. This isn't Ben Johnson. This isn't even a trainer trying to break in, going to the dark side and building a career as the win percentage rises and the barn suddenly gets full with owners looking for the next print-money supertrainer.

I don't know. It just makes me wonder.

More wonderings.......

I wonder about the three year old pacing colts. Who will win horse of the year?

I wonder about Hurrikane King Cole, who went from a speed flash, to flat in his few most recent outings.

I wonder how Michaels Power, when sharp, can't break 149 and change on a big track, but off form, wins in 148.1 in bad weather, running a monster top.

I wonder how little Northfield, who has a $40,000 pick 4 guarantee tonight, does such a high handle with cheap purses.

I wonder how long it takes Standardbred Canada to find Darth Vadar pictures of anyone against slots at racetracks in stories.

I wonder how it possible that Baltimore did not blow out Pittsburgh with Byron Leftwich running the offense.

I wonder how Bullet Train feels now that he's going to stud after having to be a rabbit for Frankel.

I wonder why we play the game when we see stories like yesterday's video about California racing, but I remember that we like horses and it's the humans that screw everything up.

I wonder when an ADW will have a big Black Friday sale, with huge rebates and free play.

I wonder if California will mess up exchange wagering.

I wonder if a microscopic spec of blood after a work will not mean a horse is put on lasix.

I wonder if I am now tired of wondering, and if you are too. Have a great Tuesday everyone.

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That Blog Guy said...

Regarding Northfield Park, it goes to show you quality is overrated. Competitive fields is what matters.

You also will note while favorites come in, there are enough bombs to make it interesting. Oh, did you notice they tend to race hard, unlike at other tracks.

In otherwords, they put on a good product.


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