Pocket Takes Over Some Meadowlands Marketing

The Meadowlands hired a new marketing director today, Valerie Harlan.

Not long ago, Valerie asked Pull the Pocket to come up with a marketing plan to help bring young bettors back into the building.

Pocket had some immediate thoughts.

"I was up for the challenge, and was happy the Meadowlands chose to tap into my brilliance for a new marketing program" said the fit, smart, loquacious blogger.

"Bringing young people back to racing is a priority. Like really, who wants to watch a bunch of old guys sitting around the track cussing at Brian Sears and smoking Camel's. That's so 2008. We need new blood"

Using his vast knowledge and experience, he decided that using Jeff Gural as the new spokesman in all marketing made sense.

"I saw Jeff Gural on the O'Reilly Factor once. He's good in front of the camera and he appeals to hipsters, like those who watch Fox", said Pocket. "This was the ultimate of no-brainers. It was as easy as choosing that cuddly polar bear for Coke ads, or that where's the beef lady for Wendy's or Burger King, or whatever the hell the burger company was." he added.

"The only stumbling block was figuring out a way to make Gural relevant" noted Pocket.

For that he turned to Youtube. And the rest is history.

"A little youtube, a few dance lessons, and away we went" said Pocket

"I enjoyed it and loved that Pocket included the backstretch for the shoot" added Jeff Gural. "I haven't had that much fun since I made my first 50 million"

Both Pocket and Jeff hope you like the first commercial of the new marketing program. Please click to see it!

Enjoy your weekend everyone. :)

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