Stiff Jobs, Lame Duck Elections & Andymays

A new Ontario Premier was elected over the weekend, the left-leaning Kathleen Wynne assumes helm. She has had some nice things to say about horse racing, but (in my opinion anyway) this will not mean much. The wheels are in motion with transition and she's probably a lame duck anyway.

If anything this might be better for racing in the long-run, as being left of center she takes votes away from the left of left New Democrats. That likely helps the Conservatives more in the fall. As most know, the Conservatives were the authors of the slots at racetrack program in the late 1990's.

Racetrack Andy, who most know from sending emails out at a rapid pace (especially when he feels something is wonky in California, which is at least once a day) has joined twitter. He promises a "softer gentler" Andy:

Andy has called me many a names in the day via email, but speaking to him in person he is much different. He's quite a nice fellow. It will be interesting to see if Joe Drape follows him back LOL.

Do you want to watch what might be the most blatant "let's not win" ride in the history of horse racing? You can here. The over/under on what this horse wins by if let run is about six. Maroon sleeves and cap on the outside in the two path.

Bots gone wild? At Betfair last week a betting bot was messing up bad, big time. Someone, or something, was betting horses late down to a ridiculously low price. One race at PEN a 5-1 shot was bet down to 1.14 (about 1-9) and ran eighth. There were four or five other examples.

Yesterday's Prix D'Amerique, which is always worth a watch. Fun stuff.

Ellen McClain of NYRA has resigned. Resigned is probably not the right word. Forced out is more like it. Interesting that some of the more competent types have left racing, while we're left with some, oh, not so competent types.

 Have a great Monday everyone.

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