Derby Day

Derby Day is upon us. It's the biggest day of the year in horse racing and has been for a gazillion years. It will likely be for a gazillion more.

It's a day where people out of the blue call you and ask you who you like because they're making their yearly bet....... and you're that cool dude or dudette that knows horse racing.

It's a day where horse racing people are all friendly; even to Joe Drape. It's a day when you don't get looked at funny for wearing a floppy hat. Where you can hear a newbie say "I think Sadler's Wells is a good dad to distance horses". Where you see celebrities at the track, doing, well, what celebrities do.

It's a day where after you've spent months looking at who is in the race, you finally look at the past performances, post positions, weather, pace scenario, workouts and say "I have no idea who I am going to bet."

It's a day where Dan at Thorotrends can tweet, "famous May 4 birthdays include Hosni Mubarak, Audrey Hepburn, George Will, and Java's War", and it seems perfectly fine.

It's a day where Churchill executives lose sleep, not because their weekly take at a slots parlor in Louisiana is down, but because they want a safe, happy, great day of racing.

It's a day where the hopes and dreams of the rich guy or gal who owns a horse are realized or dashed, but the grooms, farriers, feed men and everyone else who has a stake in a horse is right there with him or her.

It's a day where we forget about the work that goes into putting it on. From the track workers to the ticket sellers, to the custodians - everyone who makes this huge day happen.

Derby Day is not Churchill's day, nor is it Mike Repole's or Todd Pletcher's or the Governor of Kentucky's. It's all of ours.

Enjoy your Derby Day everyone, and may good racing luck be with you.

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