A Saturday Horse, And Ontario Racing

Penelope Miller of ABR published her travel web blog (I believe the kids call a web log a "blog") for the Santa Anita Derby today.

"Hoppertunity is a totally sweet horse, and I think I’m a little bit in love with him."

Getting to know a horse is one of the neatest things ever.

 I remember when I was a lad I found myself backstretch at old Greenwood Raceway in downtown Toronto. The family and friends stable (I say that and cringe, because it sounds bigger than it was; at that time I think it was a stable of one) had a homebred in to go, and I wanted to go meet him.

I walked and walked, looking for him, and finally someone said "a couple of shipins are over there", pointing to a barn. I turned a corner and there were two horses. Our little guy and this pretty filly with a big head. I said hi to both.

Our guy, the little homebred, versus that gal was striking. She was majestic. She was friendly too. She'd nuzzle up and was like a big brown dog, with a long, long face. I, like Penny, fell in love with her.

I found out that horse was Sara Loren Rd. She went on to make $1M, when $1M was big (no slots) money. I watched most of her races and wanted her to do well; I followed her career, for no other reason that I met her.

Horses are hard to get to know, for the general public. There are liability issues, and they can't speak English. But for people who like animals, it can create a bond. The industry has to do a better job of sharing that, in my opinion.

The Twinspires.com, Bob Evans Sausage, Yum Brand, NYRA Rewards Wood Memorial brought to you by Brisnet.com goes today (Timespires.com is sponsoring it, but I like to share the love)  and it is absolutely, flat out the most interesting Derby prep of the season.

A horse who reminds one of Big Brown, Social Inclusion, has an outside post, but he, on paper, is so fast. The field includes undefeated Samraat, and capable Uncle Sigh. Everything about the race is intriguing, from the pace scenario to horses like Schivarelli, Kristo and Harpoon.

I think Social Inclusion is the most likely winner, and by reading twitter, he might even have some board value (everyone has him getting in trouble from out there). I could see Schivarelli, Kristo or Harpoon being bets for me, if the odds board cooperates.

Ontario Harness Racing was looked at in Harness racing update today. pdf

Derek Brown has one of the funniest fashion articles, ever, on Bloodhorse.com today. Have a look, and a laugh.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone, and good luck at the windows.

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