Cub Reporter: The Big Churchill Video Board Insider

As you may or may not know, there is a big giant video board being installed at Churchill.

 Here's a huge picture from twitter.
Word is, the board will be paid for by advertising, and will also be used for internal Churchill promotions, notes, announcements etc especially during the Kentucky Derby.

Cub Reporter sat in on a special meeting this morning in the Churchill Mansion. A short breakfast was served (he loves free food) which was not unlike a continental breakfast at those mini-Marriot's, and then the Churchill braintrust got down to business to approve and disapprove the ads, announcements and big screen notes. Cub was forbidden to make them public, but he didn't overly like the breakfast sausage ("Bob Evans is no Bob Evans", he laments), so he sent them my way.

I publish the ones rejected for you here.

1. "Churchill Downs, Where Dirt Lives, Unlike at that Other Track" ad - REJECTED

2.  A live tweet stream of @insidethepylons - REJECTED
3.  "Churchill Downs Inc executive compensation update"  - REJECTED

4. A Magna spy picture of Twinspires VP Jeremy Clemons playing the races in his underwear on - REJECTED

5. A video mash up of Churchill Mansion patrons to John Mellancamp's "Small Town" - REJECTED

The "Mansion", Casual Friday

6. A giant Frank Stronach ad with him surrounded by a bunch of ladies selling Energy Drink to "keep you yodeling" - REJECTED

7. A New York Times half off subscription for horsemen ad - REJECTED

8."Eat Chicken, Handicap at Bris" cross-promo - REJECTED

File photo

9. "The Kentucky Derby, brought to you by NYRA rewards ad" - REJECTED

10. 'Straight Talk with Bob: I'm not that Bob Evans' - REJECTED

11. "All media to that tent a half a mile away from the finish line please" service announcement - REJECTED

12."Beer $12, or $24 for two, on special" ad - REJECTED

13. Kegasus - REJECTED

14. "Churchill Downs Takeout rates are 16% and 19% for exotics. The state makes us do it. At other CDI tracks where we can charge more, we do" promo - REJECTED

15.  'Welcome Hall of Fame Trainer Steve Asmussen' promo - REJECTED

16. A live shot of the Stews, where they may or may not be watching a football game - REJECTED

17. "I know we're a competitor to Brisnet, and we think it's pretty big of Churchill for letting us run this ad" TimeformUS promo - REJECTED

18. "If you see this man broadcasting, call the police immediately" - REJECTED (replace "police" with "security")


19. "Please, no drinking or rowdy behavior in the infield" announcement - REJECTED , because no one would ever follow it

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.


Anonymous said...

also rejected: Greg Foley's grumbled protests (these ^%&@*#$^ing !@#$%^&*!@ers better get this $#!% away from my barn by May 5!!!!

Alan Mann said...

You're a funny guy. :-)

If Ed ever runs for political office, you can bet we'll see that photo of him in the negative ads.

ron said...

Kudos to Beyer, he's spot on again. The man is a true legend.


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