Oh Those Mixed Reactions

Today the Bloodhorse has a story up on the Churchill Downs takeout increase. It's titled "Mixed Reaction to Churchill Takeout Increase"

This is kind of funny, especially since everyone who pays for purses - customers - are one side of the "mixed" reaction. In case you missed it, or ICYMI as the kids say, they think it sucks.

Marty Maline and David Switzer - both horsemen types - well, they think it's okay I guess.

This strikes me as odd, because in no business in the entire universe would that title be used in any article about a price hike.

"Mixed Reaction to Horse Trailer Price Increase." I don't think Marty and David would be too happy about that one on the Bloodhorse and I'm pretty sure the trailer making corporation would not be quoted.

"Mixed Reaction to $100 Price Increase in Adequan", would not be a headline on the Paulick Report tomorrow, with the "mixed" reaction from a drug conglomerate saying "we feel bad for Marty and David but this has to be done so we can make more money. Our stock price depends on it"

"Mixed Reaction to $6 Gas" would not scream a headline in USA Today, because a sheik in Saudi Arabia really likes $6 gas. Even if the purses are upped $100,000 for each race of the Dubai World Cup.

You get the picture.

There is no "mixed reaction" to this from horseplayers for two reasons: 1) They get screwed, just like Marty and David would when the price of Adequan skies and 2) Horseplayers paid attention what happened in California with the takeout hike in 2010, which promised huge purses and revenues that never materialized.

Having said that, there should be no "mixed reaction" anywhere. If you like the sport and want it to grow, you have only one reaction to the Churchill Downs takeout hike: You hate it.


ron said...

I think this is about fleecing the suckers on Oaks and Derby daywho won't notice nor care about a take out increase. If there is a big drop in handle this meet, ir gives them the ammo to get the politicians to finally Grant them slot machines, which is probably all they wanted in the first place. I don't think they care about horse racing or bettors. I refuse to bet California now I refuse to bet Churchill

Anonymous said...

What really didn't materialize in California was the trumpeted "boycott" that was supposed to do everything, and even do-in the takeout increase.

It seems, once again, that the deep down urge to gamble overcame the hot air served up by those seemingly most adversely affected by the takeout increase.

That latter part is perhaps the most reliable thing in horse racing, no matter what is stated by all of those who protest such things.

Beyond that, this is not a "price increase", per se, but more accurately it is a tax increase. As such, it makes perfect sense that schools, drivers, commuters, hospitals, teachers or whoever are typically happy to see such a tax increase passed. Thus reactions are indeed mixed.

Now in just the same way that people keep drinking when a liquor tax is increased, and they keep driving when gas taxes are increased, horseplayers will keep betting with this tax increase, no matter what they tell you.

So who cares, really? You pass a tax increase on those parties who are in no position to oppose your efforts. And horseplayers have proven time and again that they are in no such position.

The state of Kentucky, whether they like this or not, is stuck because of their own laws/rules which, presumably, they as a unit once passed as written. Kentucky deserves what it got, like it or not.

To any individual who dislikes Kentucky's takeout, or any takeout, I challenge you to simply stop wagering. That's it - just stop. (now see if you can do it...)

Anonymous said...


Blanks said...

I sent an email to Santa Anita last yr detailing the 12% decrease in handle for 2013 - when you exclude the new P5 bet and the Pick 6. It's over 20% if you if calculated on a per race basis. I can't find my stuff now - so frustrated that I never heard back from SA. But they did look at my data showing the loss due to their stupid dropping of rolling DD - which are due to be reinstated. John B


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