Finley Makes a Strong Point on Lasix Use

In yesterday's TDN Bill Finley looked at the starts per year since the proliferation of lasix use. As most know, over 9 in 10 Thoroughbreds are on the drug. It clearly enhances performance, by helping stop fluid build up in the lungs, so it is well-used for that purpose. But does it hurt starts per year?

Harness horses at a high level, like thoroughbred's, are racing fewer and fewer times. But in harness the speed the horses are going can cause some issues, which probably mean fewer starts. Thoroughbreds have no such issue. Although sprint times have been fast, route races are not seeing increases in speed at all.

Bill makes a compelling case. Common sensically, how it is conducive to increasing starts/year when horses lose so much weight after each start with the drug?

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