The Belmont Stakes Is Upon Us

I've been a little busy lately, so there has not been too much action here at the web log, but I come back with a post that is a) Really hard to find b) interesting and c) unlike anything you've seen before.....

..... A Belmont Stakes pick blog!

Ya, I don't normally do these, but what the hay, it's the Triple Crown after all.

From the rail out.

Medal Count: I think this horse is rapidly improving. He seems very sound and has some ability. He's worked well, his internal fractions show some sneaky talent. He handles dirt fine. Nothing not to like and I can't believe we'll get 20-1, even with Chrome overbet.

The Champ: Most likely winner, I feel. He has the most talent and is the fastest horse on paper. There are no holes with this horse. My fair odds are somewhere around 8-5, and since I will never get that, I can't bet him.

Matterhorn: He has a high mountain to climb.

Commanding Curve: This was my Derby bet (I would find the link on twitter but I am too lazy), and I do think he is very sound and bounces around out there like a happy little clam. I think he is simply not as good as Medal Count and the Champ.

Ride on Curlin: He'll probably be overbet. I don't like him much at all.

Matuszak: Pitching.

Samraat: Non-flashy, one speed plodders tend to win the Belmont. He is a real plodder. In fact, he might be one of the most boring horses ever. He might win, but I won't have him anywhere.

Commissioner: This horse strikes me as one with problems. I don't have any inside Joe Drapian Dragnetty information, but it's what I feel. In his last he did better than I thought he would, so maybe I am wrong about this horse, but I would not bet him with a Churchill Downs executive's expense account money. 

Wicked Strong: A case can be made, and is being made, that he is ready to fire a big one here. He can and he might, but I simply think others are better right now.

General A Rod: If he hits the ticket, I ain't cashing, maybe even if I hit the all button.

Tonalist: Looked great last time, seems fairly fresh. I can't play him. He's steamy and he might not get a good trip from out there.


Medal Count - California Chrome - Commanding Curve - Tonalist

Supers: 1-24-2411-ALL, 1-2411-24-ALL, 24-1-2411-ALL and 1-24-ALL-2411

Happy Belmont day and good luck at the windows everyone.

Disclaimer: If you bet with me you deserve to lose money at a tremendously fast rate. The above picks are for entertainment only. When the 1 2 4 and 11 run badly, you are free to come back to the Web Log and laugh hysterically at me. You are not able to sue. And please, do not take the above picks if you are taking anything for back pain, internal bleeding or hives, as the use of them could interact and make you into a terrible horseplayer. Past returns of my picks - i.e. an ROI of like zero - are probably evidence of what future picks will be - i.e. an ROI of like zero. If you are under 18 please no wagering, unless you get someone older to wager for you like everyone does. Ptpblog ®

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