The Economy Has Grown Since CSI Miami Has Been Cancelled

If you want to get one of the global warming people upset, mention the weather in Duluth this week and say "oh ya, what global warming".

If you want to get one of the anti-global warming people upset, post a link to some guy who is getting millions in grants blaming your high thermostat on wind/drought/hurricanes or no hurricanes/no wind/lots of rain, all in the same week.

If you want to get a horseplayer upset, blame some of the $26.1 million in handle losses at a track on the new interest in the college football playoff format
  •  In addition to weather and field size, Kay mentioned the closing of four Atlantic City casinos and heightened interest in college football due to the new playoff format could have played roles in the handle decline.
Maybe there is more to this story. Maybe there is something we don't know. Maybe that Chris Kay is this Chis Kay and he really likes college football.

Whatever the case, this is not the first time this has happened. Blaming handle losses on the Olympics, economy and a hundred other things have been the norm since handle started dropping. It's become fairly common.

But it just makes people who care about growing handle shake their heads. They wonder, if a person in charge of a $2 billion a year handle market thinks this way, is there any hope at all?


Anonymous said...

Wait-CSI Miami has been cancelled?

Anonymous said...

Since CSI Miami has been canceled I have watched more college football.


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