That Pesky Tradition

Being first in a prospects mind is marketing 101. Not far behind, in my opinion (and the opinion of people with more degrees than me; the type who write books), is that being who you are and not wavering from it, is a prime goal for any business.

Sid posted this today:

You don't have to be a Ken Burns fan to know baseball is a lot like that picture.

Yes, that's a newer park, but it sure looks old.

I remember being at the SkyDome, for I think, the third game ever played there. It started to rain, and the roof closed. Wow, that was exciting; at the time anyway. That excitement wore off pretty quickly, because it was not a baseball park. Roofs closing in a cavernous, big screen, dual purpose, impersonal baseball park only goes so far.

Horse racing, like baseball has tradition. It's as old as the day is long. It's about watching equine athletes and remembering the lore. It's about beating a 5% rake as a pastime for some, a career for others. 

That's not the way the sport is any longer. Can you imagine Pittsburgh Phil on food truck day?

I understand horse racing is fighting for attendance. I understand it wants to be major league and I understand why bands are booked and special days with dancing and urinal running happen. I feel for the sport. However, running from what the sport truly is, is not an answer. Horse racing is not going to out-casino a casino or out-music a concert. I think being true to itself is the only way forward.

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Ron said...

That's actually the warehouse behind the stadium with all the business offices, but your point is duly noted.


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