Why Horse Racing Has to Niche Market

Growing up as a kid, if I wanted to bet something, I would play a game off toss the hockey cards, target practice with a puck (most cardboard hits in the top corner after ten shots won fifty cents), or find someone to bet a football game with. It wasn't overly addictive and I sure as heck could not play it each day.

Today, it's different.

Ever wonder how Clash of Clans and Game of War can afford Super Bowl ads? Because they are worth a ton of money. 
  •  Clash of Clans" and "Game of War" are the highest-grossing games in both Apple's and Google's app stores. The website Think Gaming, which tracks top games, says "Clash of Clans" rakes in more than $1.6 million a day just from iPhone users. "Game of War" isn't far behind at $1.1 million daily.
and my favorite quote:

"The experts we talked to said the thrill of a win keeps the cash flowing."

When you ask racing execs or horsemen reps what kind of customer they want, they will often say  "young people." Well, a lot young people are playing these games and spending money that way (some well over $100 a day).

It's harder and harder to gain the market you want. It's easier if you decide you're a niche market and learn what type of person you can attract, and go from there.

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