Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dale Carnegie

Churchill Downs Inc. made some news yesterday, in a couple of quarters.

  • All New York State Off-Track Betting Corporations announced today that they have severed their relationship with Churchill Downs Inc. (CDI), the owner of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby, citing rate increases by CDI which result in losses for OTBs on every CDI race track. “The actions of CDI constitute nothing less than extortion,” said Western OTB President Michael Kane.   
  • Churchill Downs Inc. which operates the eponymous track which hosts the famous Kentucky Derby, will reportedly continue to remove more of the vestiges of horse racing from its South-Florida Calder Race Course.The latest plans call for the demolition of the track’s grandstand.
It looks like the next meet will go on, but you will have to bet from tents. Tents. To ensure you didn't read that wrong, or I typed it wrong, that's tents.

When we look at last year's issues with Fairgrounds, the takeout hike at Churchill Downs, this year's handle and racing issues with Arlington, it seems the whole win-friends-and-influence-people thing for them in horse racing has seen better days. 

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Anonymous said...

I went to see my psychiatrist the other day because I haven't been sleeping well. I told him about the strange dreams I've been having, like one where I'm at the track and betting from wigwams and tepees. He hands me an iPad and says, "Here, use this to bet. You're two tents."

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