Packaging the Derby Preps

There were three Derby preps yesterday, which is always nice for fans. Two of the races had potential superstars, and one had the top seeded Derby horse in training. Even though it was early in the season, when we should take results with a grain of salt, I don't think anyone was disinterested in the preps.

What I often wonder is, why weren't the preps packaged in a way where, say, the three races are raced in sixty minutes? With this timing tweak, TVG, XBTV, and major track signals could show all three preps at proper intervals in packaged form. A one hour Derby prep "show" with three scheduled races seems to me to be effective marketing for this sport (or any sport). It would probably increase handle in each of the races, as well.

As a sport, I think the Derby (through Churchill Downs Inc.) does things better than most. But I don't think the sport can't do better. Always improving is at times elusive, but should always be a goal. In a sport like horse racing - where people don't talk much with each other - it's not easy, but it should not be something that can't be overcome.

One nice incremental improvement, was the use of Facebook, by NYRA:
That's solid.


In HRU today there was an update on Meadowlands' racecaller Sam McKee. Sam is a wonderful man who loves the sport and is nice to anyone, no matter who you are. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Also in HRU, a look at how other entities and companies like Google and the NFL have explored new avenues through investment; and how that pertains to horse racing.  Testing, experimenting and investing in potential revenue streams is important. Racing, with a defacto internet betting monopoly, funded in a major way through alternative revenue (revenue that will decrease, not increase over the next 25 years), is ripe for the same thing.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday everyone.

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