Thread the Needle Parlays v $100 Exactas

I saw this tweet pop up today on the twitter box.
Now, some of it is a conditional probability - Henry under, Cory Davis over, Chiefs receivers under, could group hit based on game flow. But I dare anyone to look at that parlay from top to bottom and say it doesn't look like threading a really small needle with a big piece of thread.

But when we - conditioned as horseplayers - look at the price he or she got for threading that needle (only 50-1), most of us would say "wow, it feels like a 100-1 wager".

We horseplayers hit $50 $1 exactas as a matter of course. The turf is playing to speed and we sneak two price horses in the merry go round, we might box two closers at decent prices, we take the aggressive driver on the longshot to fill a two hole behind a 5-2 horse; myriad things.

Doping out a 50-1 exacta doesn't feel anything like threading the needle does it?

Horseplaying - at its core, in the spirit intended - is a great game. We can get a pretty big bang for the buck if we play a race right. If the powers that be fixed the game to make these 50-1 scores a better wager for us, I think this game would be a lot better off than it is.

Have a nice Monday everyone.

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