Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breaking News: Rucker/Ledford

Well breaking news in harness racing anyway, which seems to be kinda slow.

Anyhow, Andrew Cohen in this weeks wire to wire, just out, says he received correspondence from Tad Stockman, who is an exec at the Meadowlands.

Regarding Rucker:

Tad Stockman at the Big M emailed me Thursday with news of a new “Rucker Agreement.” He wrote this: To my knowledge Ken Rucker has a clean record for class 1 positives for the last 2 years and is currently licensed by the NJRC. We reached a new confidential agreement as to the policies and procedures he must adhere to for participation at The Meadowlands.”

So it appears that the Meadowlands struck a new deal.

At whose behest? Why would they not keep the old ban going? What benefit to harness racing do they see from reinstating racing privileges to him? Have they been reading fan reaction?

Questions we will keep looking for answers to when scanning the news.

If we get something, we'll post it up.

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