Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rewards, Rewarding, Wonderful and What?

January 1st and a few things made me think today.


First, over at Paceadvantage I notice Ian Meyers of Premier Turf Club has offered out a new promotion for the New Year. Why can he, as a fledgling deposit wagering company do so much for the player only being open nine months, while racing itself, open for 125 years can not?

According to Ian, members of Paceadvantage will receive a $50 wagering credit after you bet $250. On top of that he is offering a $99 credit towards handicapping software data at Handicapping OS, HTR and Netcapper for those who wager $3000 a month.

Helping people win turns people into long-term horseplayers and grows our business. Great job Ian.

If you are looking to join his service, check residency requirements and regulations on his site. It is not available everywhere (unfortunately).


Second, I added a link to the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society. I forgot to earlier and shame on me for that. They are a tireless group, working towards placing retired standardbreds in happy homes. This year I believe they placed 30 horses and no doubt they hope to do more next year. Standardbreds make great companions. They are gentle and kind and they want to please their owners. They make great riding horses too. If you go to the website you can contribute and get a tax slip, or better yet, you can adopt and give some of these nice horses a home. We get billions of dollars of subsidies in racing, yet we can't seem to place horses with a home. We should try to change that in 2008.

At the website you will notice a list of contributors. If you are local to Ontario racing may I kindly suggest you give them some business if you can. Iron Horse Photo is listed as a large contributor. They do all sorts of photography work. If you are looking for a photographer for anything give them a call. Seelster Farms and the Forest City Yearling Sale are two other top donators. Need a driver for a Woodbine race? How about putting down Mark MacDonald or Steve Condren? They are listed as bigger contributors. There are others, too. Why not reward them with some business. I will.


There is a post at Harnessdriver.com today. January 1st is every horses' birthday. Here is a special birthday wish. Keith Gamble tells us that his 34 year old horse, Gamblon Horton, made it another year. Keith tells us he outlived three of his trainer/drivers, Ron Feagan, Ray MacLean and Jim Muttart. Also, he might be the only horse alive to have raced at Garden City, Greenwood and Orangeville racetracks.

He raced against Rock n Wave a long, long time ago. He woke up this morning alive and well. Happy Birthday to you Horton!

If you want to wish him a happy birthday, go to harnessdriver and register. It is free.


Today the Sabres and Pens played an NHL game, outdoors, on a snowy day in Buffalo, New York. It was in front of 73,000 fans at Rich Stadium. On the same day, Woodbine cancels racing. This gave us our quote of the day.

From Greg Reinhart: "I am watching them play an outdoor hockey game in a snowstorm but Woodbine cancels?!"

This definitely ain't your grandfathers harness racing.


Anonymous said...

Hi- You have a very nice blog here.

Premier Turf Club is a great ADW site. I just wished they had more tracks. But the ones they have are very generous with rewards.

Pull the Pocket said...

Thanks Bumby.

Not sure if you noticed, but we chatted with Ian about his business and I made a post here:


If you are interested, give it a go.

I would love to see Ian run all ADW's and tracks wagering distribution for one calendar year. I think wagering would be up at least 40%.

mac said...

Further to mention of Ray McLean Sr.... where is ray Jr. these days, months/ is he in the business still? driving,training anywhere. he is one of the best at his best... so much like his Dad was!

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