Thursday, January 3, 2008

Racing can be Entertaining

I watched the Bourne Ultimatum last night. I would like to nominate Jason Bourne as the first harness racing commissioner.

Speaking of movies, here are a few cool clips I came across. Racing can be fun, if we make it fun!

First, thanks to Dave for this one. I got this emailed today and had a good laugh. It's Ross the Intern, at the Derby. Totally funny stuff.

I loved this clip. It is an old time clip of Herve Filion. Cheesy to the max, but it shows something fans almost never see. I have no idea why we don't try to show more of this. It helps fans see the action as a driver sees it, what he thinks, and perhaps most of all for some fans, it shows racing is clean. And that these guys are trying to win. My favourite line? "I'm two to five, what's the matter with you?"

In a similar vein here is the 1990 Breeders Crown, which featured Topnotcher. This is about 17 years old. Yet, when watching, it feels exciting and it feels fun. There were mics obviously placed on the track where you could hear thundering hooves, and listen at the top of the lane - you hear yelling and whips cracking. Once again, it adds some excitement and shows just how hard drivers are working towards victory. People often ask why the Breeders Crown is not special. I submit it is not special, because we don't make it special.

Will the above change racing, make it great again? No it won't. But it certainly pays to try. Take care of some little things and we might begin to take care of the sport.

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