Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cohen's Back

Harness racing owner, CBS News dude and sometimes writer Andrew Cohen is back on Harnesslink, weaving words. If you are looking for fluff, you are probably not a fan. If you are looking for opinion, well you'll want to follow the column.

Some snippets:

Speaking of people who have frittered away their good fortune, David Brooks' creepy criminal fraud trial rolls on in New York.......

What also weighs heavy upon the back of harness racing, circa 2010, is the renewed realization that the United States Trotting Association is utterly incapable of leading the reforms the sport critically needs.

Harness racing doesn't need any verbal reminders of how shaky things are. The evidence is all around us for our eyes to see. The sport needs solutions. It needs men and women of action. It needs funding and insight and dedication and tenacity.

1 comment:

That Blog Guy said...

Great news! Andrew is the best writer out there who will speak his mind. He also ruffles feathers that need to be ruffled. Welcome back!

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