Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pick 5 Provides No Jackpot at the M

Last night's pick 6 at the Meadowlands, with the big carryover, did not supply too much fireworks. But I guess you can thank Ideal Matters for that. The talented colt won the Matt's Scooter final easily, and standing head and shoulders above his foes, he was a likely single on many tickets. It appears the only person who thought he could be beaten was Ron Pierce.

The large pick 6 carryover supplied the Meadowlands with their highest handle of the meet, over $4M. With Yonkers and Chester taking so much of the horse population from the Meadowlands, it shows just how much importance the average player places on the Meadowlands.

Dick Powell, who runs a rebate shop, once commented on the synthetic track arguments in the US. He reverted it back to harness, because back in the late 1970's old time players would not play the Meadowlands. The movement, aggressiveness, and the exact opposite of the "four left turn" racing they grew up with was puzzling. A generation later, bettors have found what they like. Yonkers could give away $5M a card, and the Meadowlands could run all 4 claimers, but they would still dust them in handle. If harness racing had a commissioner, a task for him or her should be to make sure that tracks like the Meadowlands are not put at a disadvantage to places so few bet.

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