25 Minutes Old & a Hopeful Long, Happy Life to Come

Being a now city-boy I don't get to see this much. I tend to get them when they have a running line, or much bigger than this in a sales ring. This colt's pic is from a blog reader and friend. The little fella is only 25 minutes old and was born Saturday evening.


The_Knight_Sky said...

Who is the horse? Lineage?

walleye willy said...

"I think Auckland Reactor will show his stuff on Saturday, but I have been wrong, oh about four and a half million times before."

Four and a half million and ONE.

Pull the Pocket said...

I dont know the pedigree Knight. Maybe Kort can fill us in.

Fisherman: I think he is going to jog, and I expect you back here to take your medicine :)



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