Bet Night Live & Some Notes

Has anyone caught Bet Night Live on the Score yet? I had a look tonight, and I was quite happy with what they have done. I spoke about some of my thoughts with it last month. I truly believe that preaching to the choir is a waste of airtime, and with this new format they are not doing that any longer. I wonder what you folks think about it. To the readers who are south of the 49th and are wondering what the heck we are speaking of, the outline is here.

I have been delinquent this week with too much on the burner. I did not even chat about the Elittlop won this weekend by Iceland. My Swedish pal Janne is going to be upset we did not cover such a big (and great!) race. Next year I think I will give him the keys to the blog for it.

I got a golfing injury on the weekend. I went to look for my ball in the woods and got pegged with a branch in the ear. Yes, I got injured not by a club, or a lost ball, or bitten by a rattler or alligator - but by a tree branch. Luckily I got to the emergency room before the bars closed on Saturday and was stitched up in no time. Note to self - don't let doctor's give you a needle in your ear cartilage, ever again. It's worse pain than having your leading-by-five-longshot who is keying a $200k superfecta, get spooked and take a left turn into the infield. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it was not pleasant.

Now that Dave Wilmot is leaving he is starting to let fly a little. In this Globe article he shares some opine on Kentucky, New York and the CPMA.

I'm going to a meeting this week about harness racing. They are asking everyone to come up with two ideas that would make harness racing popular again. So, what do you guys think? Can we tweak our way out if this, or do we have to overhaul the sport completely to make any headway and grow again? Shoot me an email, or please comment below if you could list two things you would do tomorrow to help harness racing. I'd love to hear your opinion. No ideas are bad ideas, especially when we are doing so poorly.


Anonymous said...

1. Lower takeout
2. Ban all trainers who bat 35% or better off the claim and tell us its the shoeing

That Blog Guy said...

1. Pick 4s and 6s are great for the big bettors but not for the new generation you are trying to contact. Come up with some bets like a Double Quineilla that may gain the attraction of the new players.

2. Eliminate eliminations. Either race a stakes in divisions or limit to top money earners ala Battle of the Brandywine.

Anonymous said...

1. Lower Takeout

2. Lower Takeout

We can not compete with other forms of gambling with the rates currently in place.

Phil J said...

1. Lower Takeout

2. How can you sell this game to people when you have the Lou Pena's of the world winning at 1/2 with horses that should be 10/1? Or winning Nw6500L5 races by 13 lengths in 150 on a 5/8's?


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