Tuesday, June 15, 2010

North America Cup Elims Drawn

Elimination #1 - Race 5 at Mohawk:

Post Position - Horse
1 - Rock Me Please
2 - OK Commander
3 - Ideal Matters
4 - Power Of A Moment
5 - Code Word
6 - Allthatgltrsisgold
7 - Sportswriter
8 - Kyle Major
9 - Rock N Roll Heaven
10 - Dr Dreamy

Clearly this is the most contentious division, and the post positions add to the contention. This should be a whale of a race. Someone is going to get cooked here, I feel. Will it be Kyle Major, or Rock n Roll Heaven, or Dr. Dreamy? Three good horses, three bad posts. I have long been an advocate of seeding eliminations. If we are going to race them, at least make each field have some depth. With Ideal Matters, Rock n Roll Heaven, Kyle Major, Dr. Dreamy, Allthatgltrsisgold and even Sportswriter (should he somehow improve a lot) in the same split, it is not great for the event, in my opinion. I think I will be taking a poke on Allthatgltrsisgold in here, as he should be great odds, and he is a nice little horse.

Elimination #2 Race 7

Post Position - Horse
1 - Mach Dreamer
2 - Delmarvalous
3 - Twin B Warrior
4 - Art N Charm
5 - All Speed Hanover
6 - Four Starz Trace
7 - Stonebridge Tonic
8 - Haul Away
9 - Fred And Ginger
10 - Triple Major

With arguably the two best colts in racing knocking heads, this should be a neat race, especially since both are not speedballs. Delmarvelous seems a little nutty, so he can set a fast pace. Palone is going to have to work out something from out there. Pierce with his post should work out something rather easily, one would think.

Elimination #3 Race 8

Post Position - Horse
1 - We Will See
2 - Woodstock
3 - IAM Bonasera
4 - BP Chimo
5 - Keystone Raptor
6 - Piece Of The Rock
7 - Warrawee Legend
8 - One More Laugh
9 - Art Professor
10 - Malicious

Clearly this one is the weakest, and three of these colts are going to make the final. Woodstock and One More Laugh are the most talented, but Woodstock was not great last time and One More Laugh has been known to be wonky at times. I think we should dig into the PP's on this one and maybe try and find something for the superfecta. What's everyone think?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I Matters
Rock n Roll
Take your pick - whom gets the best trip

All Speed

Elim three..... oh lord what a tough division to pick.

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