Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Notes

The Burlington Stakes go tonight at the Hawk. It's not the best set of Burlington's we'll see, but it is pretty interesting.

Division 1 (Race 5)
PP - Horse - Listed Driver
1 - Malicious - P. MacDonell
2 - Dr Dreamy - C. Callahan
3 - Kyle Major - J. Jamieson
4 - Sportswriter - M. MacDonald
5 - Grin For Money - J. Moiseyev
6 - Willies Place - L. Ouellette
7 - Im Gorgeous - C. Callahan
8 - OK Commander - D. McNair
9 - Twin B Warrior - J. Jamieson
10 - Code Word - J. Jamieson

Division 2 (Race 8)
PP - Horse - Listed Driver
1 - Future Million - S. Allard
2 - Rock N Roll Heaven - D. Dube
3 - Rock Me Please - S. Condren
4 - Ideal Matters - D. Palone
5 - Windfall Blue Chip - C. Callahan
6 - Stonebridge Tonic - D. McNair
7 - Art N Charm - M. Saftic
8 - Mach Dreamer - L. Ouellette
9 - Rojettes Best - TBA
10 - Triple Major - S. Filion
11 - Shipps Xtravganza - R. Waples

Division 3 (Race 9)
PP - Horse - Listed Driver
1 - Touch The Rock - R. Waples
2 - Luckcamotion - K. Oliver
3 - Mcaracas - M. Baillargeon
4 - BP Chimo - S. Filion
5 - Delmarvalous - C. Callahan
6 - Woodstock - D. Palone
7 - Aracache Hanover - D. McNair
8 - Keystone Raptor - J. Moiseyev
9 - Trick Man - R. Paver
10 - Warrawee Legend - R. Zeron

It looks like we'll have a loose track tonight with some rain. Sometimes at Mohawk this really can affect some horses, so I will be looking to bet against any chalk, if I play at all. I guess we'll have to see how the track is.

Leg one I think Kyle Major should get the job done, maybe at a price. Dr. Dreamy is another I might look at if the odds board is a decent one.

In Leg two, the 2-4 ex should pay about $4 and maybe that's an overlay. :)

In the last leg, we are looking at a nice race, in my opinion, with some possibles. Mcaracas needed his last, Woodstock should be coming from off it. The rail colt is not too bad at all.

The New Jersey Classic goes tonight at the M as well and it is a decent race, although All Speed seems to be a solid chalk. There is the Pena factor in there, though.

Shawn Robinson has been placed in a training barn at Mohawk. It seems to be a never-ending thing. Shawn's father, Bill, was a magic man in turning around horses in a number of days, and was given a hefty suspension after some positive tests. His brother, Brett was equally impressive with some monster turnarounds, and then he was sent packing for EPO, banished for ten years. Bill's assistant at one time was also sent packing for 10 years for EPO. With each of these connections, WEG was dealing with them in myriad ways - D-barns, whatever they could. Now Shawn is winning races - a lot of them - so WEG is back at it again. It's like a soap opera.

South of the border the Lou Pena saga continues with Andrew Cohen. Who can make a horse pace 1:44? Lou can, that's who, according to AC: " In the winner's circle a few weeks ago, or at least at some point after the race in which Real Joke had won for the first time in 1.47.3, sources tell me they believe they heard Pena bragging that he could make the horse go in 1.44 if he wanted to."

Good luck tonight everyone!

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Anonymous said...


What is the infatuation with Sportswriter? Why do people bet him down to 1-5 like this? Is there still dumb money in the harness pools?


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