Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Notes

I have not taken a look at the Belmont yet, however at first glance First Dude is probably where I will lay my hat. I can not help thinking Ice Box will be overbet.

The Metro 6 Shooter is ready to roll with their 30k seeded pool. Free PP's are available for it. We'll go through it on Saturday, so if anyone has some trip notes that they want to share, pop er up.

The ORC changed the claiming rule today, where when a horse was claimed it had to be raised in price. I find this a rather curious move. The Meadows just went to one because of renting a horse, and as we see far too often still, there are magic men in this sport that can move a horse up ten lengths in a matter of days. Owners flock to them, and round and round we go. Turning back the clock is never a good policy, and in my opinion this will backfire.

Lou Pena's barn was scoped today by the New Jersey commission with OOC blood testing. OOC testing was brought in because many of the items used (blood builders etc) could only be caught within a certain time frame from use - detention barns had no effect.

Good news from Woodbine: Payouts on certain bets from US tracks will be matched. As most know, and most of you complained about, a pick 6 could pay $40k in the US and $35k or lower here. Not any longer. Except for tris, supers and pick 3's, all payouts will be the same. No doubt they are working on the others. In all seriousness, this is a huge thing for players. For about four years this has been a complaint - so much of one that I know several players who have jumped ship from HPI completely. It took awhile, and there is more to do, but this deserves some kudos.

The pick 4 on Tuesday at Mohawk was guaranteed at 50k, but only got $40k. There is an opportunity there for sharp players to climb aboard if this holds for a week or two.

Good luck at the windows, and we'll be back with some Six Shooter handicapping later.

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