Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Raining

Today in the Big Smoke the clouds have opened, making the North America Cup card a question mark whether we will see fast or slop. Mohawk is a tricky track when sticky, so this could cause some handicapping problems. When it is like this, sometimes it is scraped hard, and horses with sore feet have some trouble (Sportswriter?). Other times it is just cuppy and traction is an issue. In Toronto and area, systems move in and out quickly often times, so let's hope this stops, and we get some nice weather late in the afternoon.

If you are handicapping the pick 4, Dr. Dreamy has been scratched from the 100k consolation. My potential play there, Stonebridge Tonic, moves in a spot and I like that.

I still can not find a free program for tonight's card anywhere. Maybe there is one. In searching I did find one troubling item. Program's (even downloadable ones) are going up in price. Via the HPI site: "Due to increases in supplier costs and taxes, the price of a downloaded Past Performance Program will increase to $1.25 effective Thursday, July 1, 2010. Programs can also be purchased using 250 HPI Rewards points, effective July 1. This new price will continue to include any applicable taxes."

As my friend 'Alpha' likes to say, "it's like going into a restaurant and having to pay to see the menu."

HANA spoke about free data yesterday, here.

UPDATE: FREE Program pages are here.

For my odds line (for fast) for tonight's big race, please see below if you are interested.

As well if you'd like to see Sulkypicker v1 software picks for the Cup, click below to enlarge:


Anonymous said...

Replace Mr. Apples with Dr. Dreamy.

best regards


Pull the Pocket said...

Thanks Louie. Mental block!

BTW, I might pipe in the twitter folks here tonight via a live blog if you are playing.

Who do you like? What's the play?

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