Saturday, June 18, 2011

North America Cup Day is Here

Tonight is almost upon us, where we get to witness arguably the best card of racing in the sport. You can get your free program here.

The third race kicks off the stakes action with super-filly Crys Dream, who will be tough to beat. So far this season she has done what she has to, looks sound, and is a pleasure to watch. To fill out the ex, I would expect some vet work to be done on Lukes Sophie this past week and I will peg her to be better.

The 4th kicks off the pick 4 with the Cup Consoloation. This is a very nice betting race with several possibles. Anyone else shocked to find Better Than Cheddar in off last week's effort? If he somehow regains some form, he is likely. As a longer shot I do think Custard the Dragon is worth placing on a few tickets.

The 5th is the Goodtimes, named after one of the better Canadian trotters to have ever trotted. I think I am going deep in this leg as I am not in love with anyone, nor am I totally sold on the chalk. Blue Porsche will probably be heavily overbet, in my opinion.

The 6th is the Mohawk Gold Cup and it's a dandy race. I believe Lisagain will be better this week, but there are no less than five others who are usable. This is a true racetime decision for me, based on the board and the way the horses are warming up on the track.

The 9th is the Fan Hanover, where See You at Peelers tries to run her streak to 18 in a row. If you watched last week, it looks like she is in a world of her own here. There are some good fillies in here, however. In any other year Krispy Apple would be a division leader. She's fast and is likely to fill out a short priced ex. For a longer one, I think I will throw Shy Away in.

The 7th is the big race: The North America Cup. Here's my take:

1. Big Jim- If I had a nickel every time I heard "he has to race off a helmet" I'd be rich. This colt has had some issues this season in finishing and has looked fairly poor at the wire in a few starts. If they trip him out he can win, but from the rail, looking for a trip in this type of race usually means you are boxed.

2. Up the Credit- The talented, yet possibly never 100% colt, is an obvious choice. He's fast, and if he does not get pinned down early, should get a trip here.

3. Powerful Mist- Has done nothing wrong, but he looks like he'd need a trip and some racing luck to win this. That should be factored in our odds line.

4. Big Bad John- Seems like he's coming into this well. He looked a little funky last time (I agree he was having a look-see at the pylons), but that should be easily overcome. If he wins like that when looking around, it would not surprise anyone to see him win big.

5. Shadyshark Hanover- Has not impressed me at all - until last week. That was a nice effort. He seems a little wise-guyish so I wonder if the odds board will not be our friend with him.

6. Rockabillie - I actually played this colt two weeks ago all over the place, but I simply do not think he's fast enough.

7. Roll With Joe- You can't help but feel unimpressed with him last week off that trip. However, for shot takers, Ed Hart is as sharp as they come. He probably jogged the horse two miles last week, or something, and will have him super-sharp tonight. Longshot possibility.

8. Eighteen- Simply does not look fast enough.

9. Dutch Richman- Nice horse, bad post.

10. Foreclosure- Would need the racing gods to be hugely kind. He has a lot of go though.

Most likely: 2-4-5-3
My most likely bet (chucking out Big Bad John since he seems to be a little fidgety): 2-5-3-7

If I head to the Hawk I will probably take some shots and pop them on my Twitter feed @pullthepocket, so ping me if you are online and want to chat.

Good luck everyone and enjoy the evening.

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