Billy Davis Isn't Afraid of Social Media

Since the beginning of time some customers have believed that the game is not on the level. "The participants want to cash a bet, there's reason to be skeptical of any driver, jock, trainer or vet". You know the drill.

Someone wants to change that, in his own small way. Driver Billy Davis, who's no slouch with over 400 wins last season, is one of the more refreshing, transparent and honest folks on twitter you'll ever see from racing. He'll tell his followers what horse's he likes today, what they did last time, and even what his strategy might be.

Here's a snip from yesterday via Twitter:

Racing at Flamboro this afternoon. 10 drives

In the 5th race I'm on St Lads Glamourgirl(3-1). This filly Is very green, she won last week in the front, I'd like to race her from behind

Hoosier King (3-1) in the 6th, was 2nd last week and surprised me on how much gate speed he has,I have the rail today,expect me on the front

In the 9th race Maes Rustler(2-1) has the 8 hole today which will make it tough, but he is really fast at the start, giddy up

It's what this business needs more of from our participants. I predict we'll see more and more people like Billy doing his or her thing on the micro-blogger and elsewhere.

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T.J. Burkett said...

Now get those tweets scrolling across the bottom of the simulcast feed, ala football pre-game shows.


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