Friday, April 20, 2012

The Pig Slays TVG

This morning on screamed a headline about a Pig and TVG.The story involves Twinspires' "Quarter Hog" letting people know about TVG's 25 cent wagering fees, and the fact that TVG initiated a cease and desist order.

This opened the door for the Twinspires VP of marketing to issue the following response:
  • "TVG should cease and desist from being a Quarter Hog,” 
Great response; purely Godinesque.

I don't think the Quarter Hog idea was a bad one, but it wasn't exactly setting the world on fire, despite the huge money spent on its marketing. However, as is the case so many times in marketing, some catalyst does tend to set it on fire. This time it was TVG - doing it to themselves.

I'm no Twinspires fan for various player-centric reasons, but boy, did that pig ever slay TVG today.


Attherock said...

What are the "player centric" reason your not a fan of Twinspires?

kyle said...

PTP, I'd be interested in hearing your reasons as well. Their rebate program isn't much, but they have the best platform and their customer service is second to none.

Pull the Pocket said...

jmo, but:

1. Tracknet (again IMO) is evil. It's a CD creation.

2. No cash rewards is evil.

3. Crowding out smaller ADWs that do offer rewards to players is evil.

4. Not accepting low take signals like HIA last year is evil.

Just my opinion, but I think they're evil :)


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