A Meadowlands Casino Makes Sense

One thing I like about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is that he is a comparative advantage opportunist. He knows he is next door to a high tax, high regulation state and he is constantly talking about trying to draw both business and customers from New York, for his states' benefit. It's not rocket science, it's common sense.

Today, Jeff Gural spoke about what he thinks should happen with a Meadowlands Casino - he wants one of course - and I agree with him that it's inevitable. It's inevitable because it makes perfect common sense.

Atlantic City is a destination resort, and like Las Vegas, that's its draw. A casino at the Meadowlands (or slots) would be a completely different animal. It would likely not compete too much with AC, and the benefits (their proximity to Manhattan) would bring in a new market that is not spending time driving to AC.

Having a neighbor do something that your state cannot, or having a neighbor offer a service that your state cannot can be fine if there is a barrier to travel to that state or locale. A city ban on Sunday shopping in the middle of Minnesota, where it is a day trip to another state that has it, can work for its intended benefit. But when the proximity tightens, good bye merchants in your state. Border towns go through this all the time, and there is usually a reaction of some sort, to keep commerce running smoothly.

For New Jersey the choice is simple. And I think you'll see a common sense governor embrace a common sense idea, quite soon. "Inevitably" is a good word.


Anonymous said...

Everything you're saying is true...but it's BEEN true for years! Maybe if the horsemen had been less willing to accept those casino subsidies (in exchange for NOT pursuing casino gambling), something might have already happened. It's funny when the horsemen try to blame Gov. Christie, completely ignoring that PRIOR Governors acted accordingly, and also ignoring that they themselves were happy with the yearly handout -- until it wasn't there!

That Blog Guy said...

What you wrote is true except for one thing. Christie is a politician first and he will not do anything which will upset South Jersey legislators who he needs to get his agenda pushed through.


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