Time To Roll At Some Gambling

Tomorrow is the Meadowlands Pace Final (first post 6:35PM) and I figure I would throw my hat in the ring. If anyone cares to read a gambler's take, that is.

From the rail out:

1. A Rock n' Roll Dance - I think he has a good chance to win the race, but I fear the odds will not to be my liking. He has a big win on his card, and everyone saw him get locked in last time.

2. Pet Rock - I think his odds might be in my wheelhouse, but I don't think he will end up above my fair odds line. I think he'd need a lot of things to go well for him to win.

3. Heston Blue Chip - If this colt settles he would be my most likely winner. However, again, I feel he will be too overbet.

4. Sweet Lou - Like in the NA Cup (where my fair odds line was well above his board odds) I feel the same way this time. Sure he may improve in a week and be back to his North America Cup elimination form, but at his odds, there is no possible way he will be on my ticket.

5. Bolt the Duer - This guy never seems to get any respect, despite being (probably) the third or fourth fastest horse in the crop. I, like many of you, think he is just one step too slow.

6. Simply Business - He seems to have only one gear, and I can't bet one gear horses in this type of field.

7. Thinking Out Loud - He's still the top horse in this division, in my opinion, because he's fast and he can grind all day. He is no longer a sleeper, and I don't want to bet a horse from a bad post off a good line in this Final.

8. State Treasurer - He'd need a lot to go his way. Not for me.

9. Time To Roll - He has tactical speed, is fast enough and will likely be overlooked. Last week's race was an aberration for this horse, and I can see him bouncing back bigtime. If he gets ahead of Thinking Out Loud, and looks to follow Sweet Lou, Pet Rock, or A Rock n' Roll Dance, he could be dangerous at big odds.

10. Allstar Legend - Nice horse, but wow, would it be a shocker if he somehow won this race.

This Pace Final is one of the best betting ones I've seen in a long time. As you may have noticed, I am playing the odds board in this one, because there should be some decent horse's overlooked.

Good luck tomorrow, and enjoy the card.

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