Tale of Two Studs

You have to colts that won some big races. They both reached the pinnacle of the sport as sophomores, but they didn't have big names behind them. They were inexpensive yearlings, were not bred to the nines, and aren't brothers to some out-of-this-world colt or filly.

One of them had breeding farms fighting over him, and the other, well not so much.

I found it kind of surprising that I'll Have Another could not get a serious offer well over $5M for his 'services'. I guess I was equally amazed that Somebeachsomewhere got one of the biggest stud deals for a pacer that we've seen in some time - somewhere in the $10M range.

The thing is, maybe these farms know exactly what they are doing.

Somebeachsomewhere has exceeded all expectations early on with his first crop. At $10M - this colt by the Ontario sired Mach Three with no super-duper brothers or sisters - looks like a bargain. To say his offspring have his speed might be an understatement, and if someone said to you now that we might be looking at a supersire, you'd be hard pressed to argue.

It will be interesting to see how I'll Have Another pans out in the shed. But after looking at the way they handled the Beach deal, I would not be surprised if they were right on in their valuations.


St.Paddy said...

Turf horses are held in the highest regard every where else on the planet. Perhaps the opportunities are slowly falling away for dirt breds. This reflects greatly in the transference of ability to all weather racing, which turf breds seem more able. In the very near future Frankel a turf bred will retire to stud, he will probably not be sold because barring one person (A sheik) no one will have $100,000,000 to buy him. I'll Have Another will do well in Japan because the opportunities to cross breed will be more prevalent. Sunday Silence is just one that proves this with multi terrain successes.

Phil J. said...

The Beaches have been flat out awesome so far. They have speed and do it professionally.


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