Saturday Notes

There's a stupendous card tonight at Mohawk, for fans of good horses. The gambling might not be too bad either, with all but two or three races with fewer than ten horses.

Warrawee Needy is back, with the ten post, in the three year old Breeders Championship. I highly suspect that morning line won't be hit for us, but if it is I'd be backing up the truck. I think the colt wins this easily.

The $750k Maple Leaf Trot looks to encapsulate a changing of the guard. San Pail, flat in a couple of races this year is out with an injury, and the three most talked about horses in the division are Chapter Seven, Mister Herbie and Daylon Magician - all four year olds. This is a really interesting race. Daylon Magician is better now than he was a few starts ago, Mister Herbie looks to be sounded up, and Chapter Seven, well, is Chapter Seven. This race is really cool.

The Meadowlands has a $58k Pick 6 carryover. I may wait for one more and then dive in. If you are so inclined Derrick over at DRF Harness has his ticket up.

There's going to be no Check Me Out in the Hambo. Schnittker doesn't want to compromise her, and to me this makes perfect sense. Although some folks had her ranked 1st over and over again on the Road to the Hambo, I thought (until her last start) this was reaching. Although there are no super colts, she'll have to work to be a winner, and for $750k where only Maven looks able to knock her off, she can make some money in the Oaks.

The need for speed that we're seeing from some horse's early seems to be catching up to them. This was looked at today in Harness Racing Update (page 3 pdf)

Have a nice Saturday everyone.

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