Finley Interviews Jeff Gural

There was a decent article today in HRU with an interview, conducted by Bill Finley, of Jeff Gural.

As usual, Gural pulls few punches.
  • Maybe the goal is to get the most money you can before the whole things collapses and disappears.
    I know that I have to make changes and I have to hope that some people will be willing to help us.
  • Bayonne has been a big disappointment.
  • The governor told me I wasn’t getting slots and he kept that promise. On the other hand, I never envisioned that Revel would be a complete disaster.
  • [On Buying Thoroughbreds] Yes, I bought two, one for $160,000 and another for $50,000. Bobby Ribaudo will train them. Does this have something to do with my worries about harness racing’s future? Yes.
To read the full article it's here (pdf alert). 

Note: Standardbred Canada has walked back on their credit policy changes, due to backlash from members. For their sales, you no longer need to submit a credit app from your banker.


Tinky said...

Really glad to hear that Ribaudo trains for him. He's an excellent, honest, under-appreciated trainer.

ITP said...

Why does Gural say he only gets 6% on the export? I can guarantee you that he gets nearly double that as a whole on his export product. Is he lying or does he possibly not know?

Also the thing about not racing on Wed. night because of one big bettor makes no sense. The most anybody could possibly bet on a Thurs night card is $50K and that is probably way too high. So Big M would make $10K or less on that player's bets. Is racing against Yonkers and Mohawk instead of on your own worth less than $10K?

Some of what Gural says makes absolutely no sense to anyone that actually understands what he's talking about. The problem is that everyone he seems to be talking to doesn't understand.


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