Kentucky Has Expensive Milk

It looks like there's an international incident brewing in Bellingham, Washington.  Some residents are quite annoyed that Canadian's are overflowing their local Costco looking for cheap milk, and gas. Canada, as most know, has a high sales tax, a high gas tax and milk is not subsidized. So it makes sense to make the trip to Washington and spend, spend spend. A facebook page popped up asking Costco to get rid of those damn maple syrup, back bacon eating Canucks.

Similarly, Jennie Rees wrote a story on the troubles at Turfway Park. Stakes races are being canceled, purses per day are microscopic, and places like Mountaineer, Indiana Downs and Penn National are taking all their horses. Turfway does not have alternative gaming to subsidize purses, so horsemen and fans are buying their milk in places that do.

Washington has cheap milk and gets tons of business. Kentucky has expensive milk and has no business. I guess it's economics 101 in action, but it sure doesn't make Kentucky milkmen and women feel very good.

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