Sunday Notes

Yesterday at around 5:30PM things were a little dicey.

I was getting ready for the $275k New Jersey Classic at the Meadowlands and realized I had to watch Hansen at Mountaineer. I flipped over and caught the last half. Then I immediately flipped over and watched the Whitney at Saratoga; I caught that one just past the quarter. Then I watched almost the whole New Jersey Classic. Three stakes races, all run at the same time. Wow.

In other news, handle was down 7% in July and racing is again pretty much evens for 2012.

I thought the handle for the Hambo was up when I was scanning the pools yesterday, and it turns out it was. There was a 9% bump from 2011.

I wonder what Somebeachsomewhere paces if he was given Panther Hanover's trip?

For thoughts on Hambo Day and the performances, please see HRU, page 8, PDF.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

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