Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada Day Racing Facts

Happy Canada Day everyone north of like Detroit.

Canada Day racing is going on all over the country and it's pretty electric. There might even be fireworks, so if you have a dog, put cotton in his or her little ears.

Canada has a strong history in horse racing; especially harness racing. Here are a few facts and opinions.

Cam Fella might've had a mom and dad from the land of the free, but he was all star Canadian. He won 28 races in a row once and was known as the Pacing Machine. That was a good name for old Cam.

Joe O'Brien was Canadian. The O'Brien Awards are named after him. He was born in PEI, where Confederation was signed way back when. Charlottetown Driving Park hosts the Gold Cup and Saucer each year and has been there since the 1880's. Harness racing hotbed.

Northern Dancer was Canadian. He was really good at having sex. Like some Canadian humans, but not all are.

Sunny's Halo was Canadian. A lot of Canadians watched that Kentucky Derby. I did.

Frank Stronach is Canadian, well kinda.

Somebeachsomewhere is Canadian bred, driven and owned. He is one of the fastest pacers ever.

Armstrong Brothers - why so, so many horses are named Armbro - was Canadian. They had a beautiful farm north of Toronto.

Sandy Hawley, Doug Brown, John Campbell, Jody Jamieson and Steve Condren are all Canadian.

WEG harness announcer Ken Middleton is Canadian, even though he cheers for the Boston Bruins.

Bob Baffert is not Canadian. But the way the press has been hounding him he may be exported, along with Joe Drape. Canada will open its arms to them, because that's what we Canadian's do.

Chantal Sutherland is Canadian. We Canadian's all look as good and fit as Chantal. We're lucky like that.

Before 1988, sprinter Ben Johnson was Canadian. After the 1988 Olympics, he was Jamaican. Ben raced a horse once in a promotion.

Ron Turcotte, Dance Smartly and Isvestia were Canadian.

The Queen's Plate is Canadian, even though it involves a Queen and we don't have one of those.

Many horsemen eat breakfast at the track kitchen. Sometimes they have back bacon which is Canadian.

Billyjojimbob was Canadian owned, bred, trained and driven. He won the Elitlopp in Sweden and it was da bomb.

I could go on and on, but I'm lazy.  After all, it's Canada Day!

To all my Canadian friends please enjoy the holiday and if you are playing or competing, may all your horses race well.

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