Halloween Breeders' Cup Costumes

The Breeders' Cup is almost here, and for the first time that I can remember, day one falls on Halloween. In some circles this has caused hand-wringing because a dad or a mom with kids who go out trick or treating will not be watching the event live, like they usually do. Thankfully, only four or five people that watch or bet horse racing fall into the demographic with young children, so handle will be likely unaffected.

Anyhoo, I spoke this morning with Cub Reporter, and he told me something interesting. Santa Anita - on the cutting edge of promotion, with concerts like the English Beat and food trucks - is having a special Halloween weekend, to try and boost attendance. They've encouraged everyone to come dressed up in costume, and from what I hear, several people are. I've even got the scoop on who they will be going dressed as.

Here we go. Don't tell anyone.

Todd Schrupp
The first (and most obvious), actor Ed Helms will be going as TVG's Todd Schrupp.  That joke doesn't get older here on the blog, it only gets better.

Doug O'Neill will be going dressed as trainer Leandro Mora.

Breeders' Cup VP Peter Rotondo will be going as a hobo. "I will not be gelling my hair and will be wearing Tommy Hilfiger pants that I got on sale  at Macy's" he told me.

Dank will be going dressed as a morning line favorite.

Trainer Todd Pletcher will be going dressed as trainer Michael Stoute, complete with knickers. "I'm like 6 for a hundred in the Breeders' Cup and he's shooting at 20% plus so I have to change something up," said the nicely coiffed Pletcher.

Bob Baffert costume sneak peek
Bob Baffert is going as the dude who played him in the Mine That Bird movie.

The TOC's Mike Pegram is going as the Grinch. He will be walking the grandstand taking 23.68% of the french fries right off your plate. Watch for him being closely monitored by Jerry Jamgotchian. 

Track handicapper Jon White will be going as a math teacher. In between races he will explain how 141% morning lines make numeric sense.

Asmussen assistant Scott Blasi will be going as "some mother#$@#ing thing, I'm not sure yet," he told me.

Sid Fernando will be going as himself, the most interesting freaking man in horse racing ®

The Santa Anita track crew will be going as the Invisible Men. "At least we hope so," they said.

John Doyle, I think
 Handicapper and NHC Champ John Doyle will be going as that guy from Lost.

Santa Anita's Tom Ludt will be going dressed as a daily double; whatever that might be. God they love tinkering with those things in So Cal.

Rider John Valezquez Valesquez, Velazquez will be going as a dude who seems to have a harder name to spell than sire Loriodezenormeax.

 Chilean horse "Bronzo" will be going as every other South American horse we don't know what in the hell to do with.

I will be going as what I go as every year: Frank Stronach. Not only because Frank rocks, but because it's the only way I can enter a racetrack.

Enjoy your Halloween handicapping everyone. And have a nice day.

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