If a Newbie Wants to Bet the Cup, There Are Avenues

The Breeders' Cup is a cray cray (I am learning this lingo from the youngsters and can't get away from it) time. There's information from everywhere, and as Mike Dorr said today on twitter, the more he reads, the more expensive his pick 4 gets. For us, we can weed through the information, the works, the data and the opinion because we've been at this for years. For newer players, it's intimidating.

The thing is, it does not have to be. If a new player, like we all know, or have had over for a Breeders Cup or Derby party, has an ADW account and wants to play from home, I think keeping it simple is sound advice.

A good avenue for such on the web might be the DRF Live site. Marty and the guys and gals do a nice job there, offering out quick stats or what have you on a days races; in real time. If a newbie was sitting at home, he or she does not have to listen to all the talking heads on TV talking about everything, nor do they have to buy a PP and read Swahili. They can tune in and see something like "the 4 worked well, looks good in the paddock and her trainer is 6 for 40 in Cups', and has won on this turf course before", or other such tidbits. Visually they can read it, comprehend it, and make a decision.

It's much more fun to read data or opinion, see something you like, and make your own decision; rather than listening to someone on TV say "I like the four". The essence of handicapping is trying to figure out something for yourself, and getting paid for it.

Betting sports' teams has always been like this. Before the internet someone would latch onto one angle they like, no matter if it was silly or not e.g. "Dallas is a fade in Atlanta because they are 4-11 ATS on grass". After the internet there are searchable databases and what have you, and this has made people in control of their own picks. It's satisfying.

The Breeders' Cup handle has kind of stagnated in recent years. It needs more newbies not only watching the event, but betting it. We've been through the myriad issues about ADW's and residency, etc, a thousand times here, but beyond that, keeping it simple, and allowing newbies information of interest like DRF live does, can certainly help.

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Anonymous said...

Why not give away free pps during the breeders cup? Scroll across the bottom of the screen every 5 minutes telling people where they can go too download free pps.
This could attract new customers?


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