5 New Exciting Horse Racing Features of the New Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is here, and for horse racing, the innovations are as exciting as the introduction of the Grand Slam.

I have some of them right here, on my cutting edge blog.

Perhaps the most useful for horse racing aficionados is the new "Minutes to Post" feature. Apple has a built in time estimator - using proprietary electronic sextant technology - which can tell you, at various racetracks, what zero minutes to post really means. It can also estimate, through big data, how long a Frank Stronach track will drag post time to hit a pool guarantee. This will be a great help to horseplayers who cherish silly things, like their time.

The most excellent "Time to Penalty" feature will be used by both insiders and casual fans. When a trainer gets a TCO2 positive, we never know when that person will be finally suspended. In some states it could take months, in others, like California, it could take two Presidential terms. The new watch can estimate, within 11 hours, when the suspension will commence. Apple is also working on a special addendum to this feature, which alerts when a barn change is made from the offender to a beard trainer, like the trainers' cousin Pete.

The new "Time From the Gate" feature in the new Apple Watch will be something many of us will use. As most know, tracks have run ups, and the teletimer starts at rather capricious points. No more. When the gate opens, the Apple Watch times the race right through to the finish. Currently this feature is not being trumpeted because, as we all know, time is something racetracks find proprietary, and they are trying to find a way to charge Apple for it, who will likely pass it on to horseplayers. However, I have heard rumblings times of races may be linked in the dark web, for free.

One feature that I am looking forward to is the  "Grunder Translator". With new language technology, the Apple Watch can listen to a call at Tampa Bay Downs, and correct pronunciations, and sometimes fix entire horse names. This is not only informative, but entertaining.

An excellent new feature that's sure to help our bankrolls, is the new "Horseplayer Buzzer". A controversial training aid for Fido is the e-collar, which can give your dog a small vibration to train him not to leave the yard, or eat the postman. Apple has taken that concept and done the same for horseplayers. If, for example, a horseplayer wants to make a bet into a Penn National high rake trifecta pool, he or she will get zapped. If someone want to support the Churchill Downs takeout hike and make a wager, you will feel a gentle reminder. Apple has also completed a deal with Facebook and Twitter, where if you post your picks to these tracks on social media, the watch goes full blown eveready on your wrist.

It's pretty clear this watch is not for everyone, but for horseplayers and horse racing industry junkies, it's sure to have some pleasing and useful features.  You can buy yours through the Apple website for $300, or for $450 through any state with horseplayer source market fees.

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Sal Carcia said...

I really thought the the Buzzer Option was a remote wireless player-controlled buzzer inside the horse-of-choice's saddle. Punch the number in and buzz away. It gives the players the opportunity to sit around the supper table telling old buzzer stories too.


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