Breeders Cup Ratings Aren't Half Bad Y'know?

Boxing is a sport devoid of leadership, which was sabotaged from within. It lacked central authority and was surpassed mightily by newer, fresher pugilistic pursuits like MMA.

Boxing is dead.

Sound familiar?

NBC ran a special boxing card, in prime time last week. Being a big boxing fan for like forever and I didn't even watch. I did not know any of the fighters, and, well, the game is dead. So they tell me.

Despite a three hour long show, it attracted 3.4 million viewers and won the night, even with the coveted 18-49 demographic.The press was giddy at the massive number.

Horse racing, another old sport, seemingly on its way out, has a prime time event once a year on NBC as well: The Breeders Cup Classic. Last year the ratings for the hour long Bayern win were up, and an estimated 2.6 million people watched.

I must admit, I was flummoxed. Our best show in primetime versus boxers who many have never heard of, in a completely dead sport, and we got our goose rumps kicked. I kept thinking this is some sort of conundrum.

Then I checked google and .....

Boxing interest red, horse racing blue

If boxing is dead, horse racing is deader than dead. Its interest is huge compared to our sport.

In a nutshell, people really like to slag the ol Breeders Cup at times. They are apparently doing something wrong - those show tunes, Richie Sambora giving love a bad name and a lot of other things. But 2.6 million viewers for a sport that is several times less popular than boxing, is not too bad at all. The Breeders Cup, in prime time, is probably onto something.

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