Horse Racing Mish Mash

Good morning everyone.

Ringer! Horse wins - at 30-1 - while racing under the wrong name. Although the win pool was higher that race (why, with 20.75% win take is a win pool ever higher at Turf Paradise is beyond me) than others, it looks like nothing untoward occurred. On the surface. I see the betfair starting price was 30-1, or right in line.

Cali Chrome I - When trainers make decisions with horses, there's a willingness to not believe them on face value. I understand that, because if I see another "he worked great", when he worked terrible and is pulled out of the next race with a suspensory I think my head will explode. But, I find it a bit odd that Art Sherman is now somehow called soft on horses (by some), for wanting to give California Chrome a little time off after Dubai

The horse has been in training, under a routine since he was two. He made nine starts at three and he even had a little stall time for a hoof that needed repair during it. The plan all along was to get a start into him before Dubai, then go, then give him a little paddock time afterwards to rest up for the summer and fall. Now that's out of the equation, so Art is a little worried about him. Chrome is scheduled to make, from what I read, two starts in the UK. For the machine horse crowd, he will certainly need paddock time after that, so don't complain if and when he misses Saratoga.

Cali Chrome II and Small Worlds- So I tweet out my Flipboard yesterday (I like Flipboard, wonderful on the iPad) because for the second time I see a story on California Chrome tagged as "Google Chrome"

It's kind of funny and no big deal. However, minutes later, the Flipboard CEO tweets back:

I once abruptly left an ADW where I had been betting for five years, and never even got a call from the owner. This Flipboard dude is like lightning.

Then I found out Mike was one of the early people involved in Twinspires.

Small world.

Speaking of ADW's - So I am chatting with a friend yesterday and I learn that a newer horseplayer (he plays the UK at Betfair the last several years) is driving some serious volume. "New" and "horseplayer" are words we don't seem to see very often, so I ask how he got into it. It turns out he was a programmer and a friend of his asked him to tune up a database for Exchange wagering. He said to himself "horse racing data looks interesting" and began to study data, built a model and bets daily now. He didn't see a race on TV, or a red carpet. He saw low takeout and data and a possible edge.

Things that would not happen in Hong Kong -  With Derby futures betting going on this past weekend, people were happily betting Far from Over. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, he was pulled off the Derby trail after a work on Saturday, and it was announced only this morning. If you bet him Sunday, you are rightfully miffed.

Have a nice Tuesday everyone.

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kyle said...

He's proven it before, so it ain't news, but the biggest trainer in the game doesn't give a shit about the game...and of course even less about the people who play it.


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