So, Where Can I Watch That Big Race?

I noticed this slide from Rob Key's presentation yesterday to the USTA.

New fans and some old, have a hard time finding where to watch a major racing event.

For us, who know the sport, know exactly where and when to watch, for example, yesterday's Rebel Stakes. But, put yourself in the shoes of a newbie. If a newbie said "I really want to watch prep races for the Derby and get to know the horses, can you point me in the right direction?" How would we answer them?

Do you get TVG or HPI TV on your cable system?


Do you have an ADW account?

What's an ADW account?

I think the DRF might stream it, one second. Oh, no they don't. One second.


- Person asks " where can my friend watch the Rebel tomorrow, on twitter-

OK, I will give you my logins for my ADW account. No one knows where you can watch it.

OK, what time is the race?

5:42 but that could be delayed.


They drag post times a lot of the time. There's really no schedule.

OK, so I have to use your logins to watch and you can't tell me the exact time the event is going to be run?

Ya, kinda. 

No big deal. Can you point me to where I can watch the replay after its done?

-Person asks on twitter if Oaklawn has a youtube account that puts up replays-

I don't know. Maybe the Horse Races Now app. Download that, and if the content is not managed by certain companies, that should have the replay. If not, email me and I can find it for you. Or I can give you my ADW logins again.

OK, thanks.

Sometimes I wonder how this sport ever generates new viewers. It makes it hard to be a bettor, and hard to be a fan. I did not even get to the point where the person asks for the "menu" of what horses are in the race and finds out she has to set up an online account and pay for it.

Tough game to manage. Tough game to promote.

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Ron said...

Is it my computer, or is the Oaklawn replay show on YouTube only 17 min 42 sec.? It always cuts off around the 6th or7th race. Very strange.


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