California Chrome and #Moobie, Notes

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The California Chrome press releases of late have been pretty interesting. Yesterday it was announced that Chrome will not run in Newmarket as scheduled. He's too worn out. This change of schedule is what many folks on the twitter (and Sherman, I suppose) and elsewhere were worried about with him, and this trip to turf it in the UK. The horse has been in training since he was a two year old, with very little extended paddock time. If he does get beaten badly at Ascot on the deeper turf, then he has to fly home, have a few weeks off, and who knows where he shows up next. That sporting gesture (that might be more about stud money than a sporting gesture) could really end up messing up his year in North America. And with Shared Belief on the shelf, it might've been costly. Time will tell.

In addition, in the SI piece, you can see the overt references that the camp itself is not very in sync. 

Regardless, this horse has provided the sport with more than just column inches. I throw any bias with owners decisions or personalities out the window and just cheer for him. He seems to always show up and do his job, despite what's going on around him. Good, honest racehorse and a bit of a throwback.

I have read similar talk with #Moobie and his trip from Dubai to here to race in the Derby. That trip is too "taxing" and he won't run well because of it. I tend to disagree with that. Being acclimatized in a far away place, then shipping over to America to race in the Derby with a fresh horse is far different than what California Chrome has been asked to do. It's also far easier to do what he is doing than American horses who go to Dubai and come back and race do. If Moobie runs poorly, he might've not liked the track, not be good enough or 100 other excuses, but I think the trip and travel should not be one of them.


Super High Five carryover at Northfield tonight.

The Big M is running the 4 in 40, a pick 4 in forty minutes on Saturday.

I went through the Oaks last night. I am unsure who I will bet, but I am leaning towards the rail filly of Chuck Fipke's if the odds are okay.

Cool interactive of Derby results. h/t to Thorotrends.

The Derby draw is today. It's on TV in the US; up in Canada no one knows :)

Taken the Tbred Racing Survey? Filled out the IRS petition from the NTRA?

Have a nice Wednesday everyone.

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