Steam!, Uncoupling, Quick Pick 4's & Notes

Good day racing fans and bettors!

Yesterday we saw tweets about a Derby horse that might be 1-9 come post time if this keeps up - American Pharoah. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice horse obviously, but wow, have we seen this much steam in recent memory? I don't think Big Brown had this much, but then again, that was with twitter in its infancy. This is a steam-o-rama. I'm expecting.....
Boardroom Doug Savlatore then risked alienating followers as badly as when he posted screen shots of a circa 1995 Holy Bull t-shirt he still wears.
You know what - this is great! Silly season Derby week is fun, exciting and what horse racing is about on social media. If you think Carpe Diem will stop at the half and get a Bud Light from a drunk guy in the infield and win going away, go for it. If you think Dortmund is going to win the Triple Crown because you like him so much, have at it. If you think Moobie will end the UAE Derby curse and a late jockey switch to Urkel will only slightly depress his fair odds, right on baby. It's fun and it's what this week is about.

Back to betting jargon: New York looks to uncouple entries in bigger races. Amen! I remember, long ago now, chatting with a Betfair fellow at a conference and we were talking about uncoupled entries on that platform. The handle they brought in with two entries rather one was telling. He noted "why would we ever want to change it if bettors are telling us they want it?" Umm, yah.

I am seeing tweets that the Belmont Stakes card this year is going to have:

a) Concerts with cover bands
b) Dancing penguins
c) Party favors
d) As an aside, some horse races

I made up that list, but I think, from what I read, it's accurate.

Long gone are the Bemont days where we can bet two 12 horse maidens in the pick 4 sequence and try to get some prices before the big races start - some of them with heavy chalk. I miss those days, but then again, I'm a bettor. I don't look at PP's for dancing penguins. I don't go to the Belmont to see a cover band.

Canadian problems. We have like 7 sports networks here and in strange twists of fate, horse racing is about as popular to them as a tiddly winks world championship in Ulan Bator. We just see so little racing. But......
Survey! Take it here if you like if you bet the races.

New York state upholds and lays down the Lou Pena penalties.

This weekend, pre Derby, the Big M is doing a "4 in 40" - a pick four that only takes 40 minutes. It's being run while we wait for the Derby. I am sure there will be free PP's if you want to partake. Takeout is only 15%.

Have a nice Monday everyone!

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