Always B Miki - Great Horse, Great Story

On Saturday night at Woodbine, a horse you probably know well from following the blog - Always B Miki - wowed them in his Breeders Crown elimination. Although he seemed to have some trouble on the turns, he exploded to victory, making some very nice horses look like 20 10 claimers. You can watch the race below.

This horse has captured the imagination of some - many more now - because not only is he fast, never seems to get tired and wins in a flashy fashion, he has done it with a ton of problems. As most of you know, before the Breeders Crown last year (and I suspect in his elimination race where he only won by a head and was running in), he fractured a bone and was scratched. Then this year, in May, making his comeback, he fractured another pastern while training down again.

An interesting point on the latter break, the new trainer of the horse - Jim Takter - liked him so much training down that he asked to buy a piece of him, at a fairly good sum. The ask from Takter was right before the time he was reinjured, however. In this wild west sport one might think Takter forgot what he promised, or tried his best to get out of the deal (the money had not been delivered yet), but he manned up and paid. That's some faith in the horse, and tells you a little bit about Takter.

Anyway, this Saturday evening Miki tries to win the Crown for older, which will be one of the later races on the card. I am always worried about him and he did run in and out in his elimination, but if he's right and sound, it's a formality. In all my days watching this sport, I have yet to see as fast and rugged of a horse. I hope he kicks some butt and stays good next year, because if he does I think he can rewrite the sports' record books.


Anonymous said...

He isn't eligible to the TVG, so where will he race after the BC final? The Levy starts in late March, but that's not for him. Another long vacation?

JLB said...

Jimmy Takter's history of moaning about bad posts, bad trips, unwarranted driver objections, makes me await much more positive evidence before I can agree as to his fine character. For a trainer assured of blue blood yearlings and racehorses to handle each year, he has a peculiar way of showing his appreciation.


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