Big Things in the Works for TVG2

There were a couple of announcements in TV land today, one insignificant and small - AMC's Breaking bad is back for season six - the other huge - HRTV is being rebranded as TVG2.

You can read the TVG press release, but not much is elaborated upon. Fortunately I have the inside scoop from Cub Reporter regarding what's in store with everyone's new favorite racing channel - TVG2.

Look, no one reads this blog so disclaimers are not needed, but if one of you is reading this and would like to share it, please do it on the dark web or something. Both Cub Reporter and the big wigs at TVG2 don't want anyone to know these details.

Here's what I got.

The new tagline for the network was hashed out. "We felt it was appropriate to call the new network "the second TVG, that was once HRTV", said an unnamed executive. "We don't want to confuse fans, and ever since Philadelphia Park changed its name to Parx their handle has been getting killed. We ain't going catchy with deuce or deux or dos." she added.

TimeformUS ® figures will be highlighted in each show. "We need to pump the TimeformUS brand" said a source."Hunter jumpers, animal husbandry shows, features on beach racing will all have speed figures," she noted.

Todd Schrupp at Remington Park
Todd Schrupp will be replaced with Ed Helms. "This is purely a cost saving measure. No one will know the difference. " said our source.

New tracks will be featured on the deuce second TVG that was once HRTV. Right now these tracks are to be determined. "Quite frankly, whatever track gives us most of their takeout, plus a prescribed TV fee, we'll run." said our source. "Ed Helms will probably have to learn quite a bit about choosing pick 6 tickets at an Argentinian harness track", the executive quipped.

Fans can expect to see more racing, and less chatter. "This is wholly dependent on how many tracks want to give us all the takeout and TV fees. If there's enough of them it'll be wall to wall racing. If not, well, we have animal husbandry shows with the new TimeformUS ® figures."

It appears, in terms of racing commentary, the second TVG that was once HRTV will be going big tent with new guests. "We want to be interesting and informative. One show we have planned - sponsored by the Thoroughbred Owners of California - will be a set of seminars about how much it costs rich people to buy yearlings and why horseplayers need to pay more for purses through higher takeouts.", said my source.

Expect a change to music programming. "We have to be newer and fresh" said the executive. "For example, Delta Downs played Jefferson Starship and Boston last week between races. This has to stop. We're overlaying the Delta music with new, hip and relevant songs to attack some new demo's. Expect some rap, like Run DMC, or that new rap-country, that's all the rage". she added.

Other than the above, we hear the programming and excellence we expect from TVG1 to be ported over to TVG2. "We might be a bit edgier, like a show we have planned where TimeformUS ® Chief Figure Maker ® Craig Milkowski makes fun of Brisnet figures, but really we'll be the TVG you know and love," said our source.

That's the scoop folks. I, like you, am really looking forward to it.

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