PTP Downs, No Janet Jackson, But Some Good Stuff

Hello racing fans.

I noticed that the head prince of Dubai, or someone like him, announced that Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) will be playing, or dancing, or singing ,or what have you, after the Dubai World Cup card.
Janet Jackson said: “I am excited to perform for the global audience at this year's Dubai World Cup. The entire Unbreakable company is looking forward to traveling with me to Dubai and being part of one of the world's most prestigious events.”
With a ten million dollar purse, and Janet, I can only conclude that the recent reduction in price of Brent Crude is not overly affecting that part of the world.

This announcement is fresh off the heels of Daughtry being added to the Belmont Stakes day card, which too seems to have a little cash from the slot machines to pay some acts.

At PTP Downs we might have slots like they do below in Pennsylvania, but the cash used from them will not go to concerts - well, maybe we'd set aside a few bucks for a Nickelback cover band - I think they'd go into the product. And I don't mean every last dime into purses.

At PTP Downs we'll have a slush fund for instant carryovers. Our broadcasting money will not be spent on concerts, but on dedicated time on a racing channel, with a vibrant betting menu to own a night or day. We'll have some juice that makes sense, not what someone says it should be, based on an arbitrary price-setting mechanism when the only gambling one did was in the back of a pool hall or the racetrack.

Our races will go off at the off time. We'll sell our signal for a blended takeout rate fee, not in the archaic way they are sold now. When a favorite loses by racing poorly, we'll use that slot money for an on-course reporter that asks the loser why, in the same verve he or she chases the winner for a quote. We'll spend $129 for a set of cameras with sound in the stewards room when on-track infractions are being discussed, and broadcast it on the track feed.

We'll spend $145,000 a year for a Vice President of Wagering, with a bonus based on handle growth. In fact, when handle grows it's a profit sharing plan right into everyone's paychecks, from purses, to the person cleaning the toilets. Handle is PTP Downs' number one key performance indicator.

Floppy hat day is fine, as long as we run a handicapping contest live money day, too. Our contest won't have a 30% takeout, because we want to cultivate the game, not send people away. After all, we've got $248 million in slot revenue to play with.

PTP Downs is open for business giving you the best in gambletainment. That's what ends up paying the bills when the slots money dries up. 

I don't for a second begrudge Dubai and the Dubai World Cup for their luring of Janet Jackson with mega bucks. The DWC is an event that depends solely on oil money, not betting. It's what they do.

In North America, with the same black gold flowing by way of spinning cherries, charging 27% exotic takeout on the DWC card, while trying to think of ways to use that dwindling revenue on concerts or hat day, strikes me as giving up. Don't give up. This is the greatest gambling game ever invented. Embrace that fact and let's roll.

Have a nice afternoon everyone.


Mark Deutsch said...

If you keep making this much sense Dean, the Racing conglomerates are going to send a guy to take you out. They don't want to hear anything about lowering takeouts, wasting money on washed up acts that gamblers don't give a rats behind about.
They want to keep the ball rolling, and fight tooth and nail to keep the slot money that "they deserve" because some politician said so 25 years ago.
Racing is the greatest gambling game in the world, and its run by the worst set of businessmen on the planet.

Al K said...

Don't forget the regular concert schedule in your 500+ seat theater to use and fill the parking lot when there is no night racing. So maybe Rebbie Jackson? Free parking for the night racing simo bunch, of course, but you'd charge concert goers.

I'd also like PTP Downs to lease at least one meet a year to a charitable group like the Oak Tree Association. Really, why couldn't all meets be run by such (qualified) groups? Compare the interest in and quality of the current SA meet or any other SA meet with Oak Trees past. See the Hong Kong model.


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