Parx's Downtown OTB Closed

Thanks to @boycottracefive on twitter, I saw this link about Parx's flagship downtown OTB being closed.

This article struck a chord with me, because back when I was in my senior year of university I did my research thesis on Philadelphia's strategy for off track betting outlets, and what effect they may have on total and live handle at Philadelphia Park. The policy was constructed and passed in the early 1990's.

Twenty some years later this one is gone.

Although the following description sounds like they didn't try - not putting in enough slot money to make it an attractive venue, for example - I suspect it's more than that.

"The Turf Club was not the most glamorous of properties, but it was one of those neat throwbacks. It hadn’t been updated in years; the televisions were all old CRT sets."

With internet wagering, and gross wagering falling US-wide, it is probably just a sign of the times. I still believe however, that there is room for OTB's in horse racing, and making them customer-friendly can attract racing's highly held demographic of older men. The more outlets you have (in general) the better off you are.

While I'm jotting down the closing of this OTB, there's more news on the twitter box. Los Al's days appear to be numbered. 

Horse racing's forced contraction is moving ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Parx makes zero effort to show a profit at ADW`s. Mismanaged, filthy, etc. They are in business to lose money, I would have thought you knew that.


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