Snuffed Out

Yesterday, many of you were readying for the Cal Expo racing card, only to learn shortly before post time racing bit the bullet. As reported, the Country Director of Health instructed the track to shut down a few hours before post time.

This, to me at least (and from what I read, many of you), sounded illogical. Cal Expo raced yesterday (after applying to change their dates to Tuesday and Wednesday a week or so ago). They were not racing - at the conclusion of the Wednesday card - until next week.

Why, with two shakes of a lamb's tail; with horses warming up or already trucking to race; with track employees, judges and the betting network fired up; with everyone almost behind a starting car, would this get so abruptly cancelled when they could just cancel it on Thursday? It had to be something, right, because even in the world of government this didn't really make any sense.

It appears (and in this day and age of doctored news etc I am hesitant to believe a lot on Social Media) an animal rights activist and a county civil servant served up the snuff out:

If this email is correct, someone named "Aquawoman" - no, not a joke - seems to hold a lot of sway.

We learned pretty early on around this big wide world recently that viruses move faster than bureaucracies. In this case however, an activist sure made a bureaucrat work fast.

Enjoy your day everyone.

h/t to @gocashking for the screenshot

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